by Ys

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released November 18, 2014

William McMitchell - Guitar
Shane Lentz - Bass
Charles Burche - Drums
Geoff Ficco - Vocals



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Ys Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Hunger
Pressed beneath a blinding sky
Fade against the unending, dreadful pale
Unchanging in ashes
A specter writhing in despair
The silhouette upon the backdrop
For a cold funeral

Lived every day like sand over skin
Recalling the vague touch of the sidewalks
Shadows from street lights
I'll never be there again

I woke up in green fields and smiled in the sun
I never knew I'd be leaving
I didn't mean to walk away
And there is no coming back
One step too many and now I'm gone

It's all a collection of moments
An arsenal of regrets
The realization leaves no smile
Cracks my skin and breaks my mind

I found a new grave in a cold tomb
Miserable sleep in every fatal dream
Unrest now in a cradle of regret
Hidden, wounded, the sun has died
Never breathing on what lies in the black
Stolen just beneath the signs of life
The wind tears me from myself, erasing me away
Slowly becoming invisible
Memories frozen painfully inside my head
Hardened, inaccessible
They hang suspended from my skull

Emptiness swells in the absence of a reflection

Blackness of death suppresses
Encircled by emptiness
Entranced in weakness
Where I am becoming
The end, undeniable
It has begun

In a place of forced solitude
Where I can never be free
Of the tempest through which I cannot see
Now I know, in this life
I will never see the ease that I must reach
And in the end
This snowfall will bury me
Track Name: Stillness
The sun grows stronger as I grow weaker
The snow melts beneath my dying body
Every shimmer of hope or strength
Bombarded, ended
Alone with my dreams and memories
To depart in the barren white cold

Defeated by the winter
Crushed beneath hunger
Extinguished by thirst
The life I lived

I gracefully relinquish my will to live

So I sink into the snow
My eyes close
My mind drifts into blackness
The weight of me is leaving this living body
A barren construction dragged far beyond the touch of gentle light and soothing caress
And I awake into another world

Emerging through a portal of summer leaves
Where the sun smiles upon my beautiful children
Illuminating ablaze, a lover's blooming eyes
The sun sets behind cerulean hills
Giving birth to the moon's rise
As the water flows gently beneath our clasped hands
We live and we die by the moon's pale light
Shining us on through the faded eyes of lifeless time

Burning light emerges in the white sky
Ripping my mind back to the surface
Squinting in the rays of the sun
To find myself still pinned against the bleak terrain
Certain now that here I will die
I raise a withered hand to block the light

Frozen breath chokes inside
Casts a broken shadow
My body is drained empty
My blood it has run dry
The storm and what it has taken from me
Forsaken life left behind

The sun shines brightly, peeling back the snow
Revealing the grey beneath
Drops begin to fall gently on my eyelids
And the clouds begin to form
Allowing the rain to finally pour
The storm and what it has taken from me
Forsaken life left behind

Candlelit smiles live on in others' eyes
But they burned out in mine
The wind that brings the cold
Rustles the curtains in my mind

Ending the thirst
Become nothing
Falling asleep in the morning rain